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Additional Valued Services

More Valued Services

Quality and customer service remain at the heart of our business.  From prototype to production run, we focus on meeting our customers’ precise requirements through all of our services.  

Our innovative focus keeps us striving to enter new markets where our service offerings can be of value.

Below is a list of some additional valued services we offer our customers:

Micromachining for Optics

Microengineering principles and techniques play an increasing role in the design and fabrication of components in the fields of micro-optics and optoelectronics. Hess Aerospace and Defense micromachining technicians offer a wide range of possibilities for this market.

Micromachining for Medical

Hess Aerospace and Defense has considerable experience in collaborating with Medical Device companies to develop, micromachine and bring intricate medical devices to the market. With the capability to micromachine most materials, fabricate prototypes quickly and deliver high volume manufacturing, we are your best choice for micro manufacturing.

Micromachining for Drones

Hess A & D has been developing innovative micromachining techniques for the manufacturing of micro-components. The UAV directional and flight systems is an industry where we hope to develop strong allies and participate in challenging projects.

Micromachining for Ballistics

Hess A & D has years of experience in micromachining for ballistics and explosives testing components. We welcome the opportunity to work with this industry and its valued customer base.

CARC Paint Services

Hess A & D can supply complete assemblies including CARC paint, silkscreen, stencils, engraving and laser marking.

Sheet Metal Machining and Bending

Our custom sheet metal services offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for your manufacturing needs. Fabrication services range from low-volume prototype to high-volume production runs.

Complete Assembly Services

Hess Aerospace and Defense offers complete assembly services that include surface finishing, painting, and marking. We follow standard ISO Quality Management System.

Do you have a project that requires special micromachining services? Are you looking for a manufacturer that you can depend on when it comes to “On-Time” delivery that will also deliver on quality product and customer care? If you do, you’ve come to the right place.

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