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Housing and Heatsink Specialists


Modern aerospace engineers must worry about temperature, keeping the plane at a steady temperature while avoiding problems such as ice buildup. Temperature fluctuations do more than affect the pilot, however: sensitive electronic components must be protected from extreme heat or extreme cold, or else risk both the plane and its occupants.

For that reason, Hess Aerospace and Defense manufactures a range of heatsinks and housings designed to keep planes functional and airborne – no matter the temperature. Heatsinks work by transferring the heat generated by electronics and machinery away from delicate components, releasing it into the air and ensuring that the rest of the mechanical system can work at an optimal temperature.

Through our cutting-edge machining techniques, Hess Aerospace and Defense is able to manufacture both heatsinks and housing units that can fit a variety of functions, both on and off the ground. Casings for sensitive electronic parts always vary in size and shape; for that reason, we ensure that manufactured parts are machined as per drawing, parts lists are respected, and in the case of prototypes, we work hand in hand with our client’s engineers to make sure that the finished parts satisfy all of our clients requirements.


At Hess A & D we machine a wide variety of heatsinks. We machine mostly in aluminum. Plating and finishing of the clients choice, including chemical conversion coating, anodizing, with and without masking, and hardware assembly.


Hess Aerospace and Defense values Customer Care above all else. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve. We’re always there to support them through the development of their requirements, assist them with design, produce quality products and deliver those products on time. We exceed expectations and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to achieve great results for our client base.
Our products are rigorously tested before ever leaving the production floor. We always ensure the confidentiality of our client’s projects is stringently observed by everyone at our company.

Do you have a project that needs a housing and heatsink specialist? Are you looking for a manufacturer that you can rely on when it comes to “On-Time” delivery and who can also deliver on product quality and customer service care? If you do, you’re in the right place.

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