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Precision Machining

Aerospace engineering has always been a game of space. The smaller the aircraft, the more competitive “real estate” becomes. It’s easy to fit a full navigational suite onto a 747 jetliner, with enough space left over for an integrated entertainment system, but aboard a jet fighter or a similar one-man aircraft, every square inch must be maximized.
Since the invention of the transistor, downsizing has been the name of the electronics game, and micro-machining is the next step up. The process resembles the creation of full-size circuits, but on a much smaller scale: using lasers, engineers etch surfaces with silicon and boron, creating incredibly small, but very accurate, devices. These could be circuits, sensors, or even tiny copies of full-sized machines, including levers and gears. The smallest micro-machines might only be a few hundred microns across. In the field of aerospace development, they are a godsend. Aerospace engineers can use micro-machined parts for a variety of purposes: sensors, actuators, engines, navigational systems, complicated heads-up displays, and more.
Hess Aerospace and Defense offers micromachining as a precision-based service for our clients. We boast an experienced team of machinists, with a firm commitment to quality. We offer personalized services in order to help clients assess their needs for the project, and our experienced team can manufacture a wide variety of micro-machined parts at a competitive cost.


It’s fair to say that there aren’t many people who would place a lot of faith in a device they might not be able to see. At Hess Aerospace and Defense, however, we believe that micro-machined parts offer a variety of useful safety features. Their tiny size lend themselves well to redundancy: if one system fails, a micro-machined backup can quickly take over.


At first glance, it may seem hard to ensure that micro-machined parts have been properly manufactured. Hess Aerospace and Defense’s state-of-the-art quality control ensures that each part will have been properly inspected and assessed before it reaches your hands… no matter how small.


Hess Aerospace and Defense believes that micro-machined parts need to be constructed from the toughest materials to ensure a long lifespan. “Ramping” techniques –using light, shallow cuts – allows for fast metal removal rates and the rapid production of bespoke micro machined parts.


Micro-machining parts present a wide range of challenges. The tiny size of some parts requires exacting geometries and choosing the right tools for each job can be a time-consuming effort. At Hess Aerospace and Defense, our trained machinists specialize in these processes, and can rapidly deliver products.

Do you have a project that needs micro machining? Are you looking for a manufacturer that you can depend on when it comes to “On-Time” delivery and who can also deliver on product quality and customer service care? If you do, you’re in the right place.

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