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Turnkey Project Development


At Hess Aerospace and Defense, we offer a balance between custom jobs and turnkey projects for a wide market. For more than fifty years, we’ve offered a wide variety of start-to-finish services for a discerning customer in need of assistance: from redesign services to prototyping and production, surface treatments, and inspections, Hess Aerospace and Defense offers a wide range of “off the shelf” products for clients in need of basic parts. Whether it’s manufactured in bulk or a bespoke model, each Hess Aerospace and Defense product is durable, reliable, and compliant with all manufacturing standards.

Our facilities allow for the rapid machining of parts in bulk, and our engineers are more than happy to help walk customers through the process. Our facilities are set up to handle a wide variety of parts, and orders. Among our many capabilities, Hess Aerospace and Defenses’ manufacturing includes:

  • CNC milling 3 and 4 ½ axis of metals and composites
  • CNC turning, including swissturn with live tooling
  • Micromachining
  • Sheet metal machining and bending
  • Complete assembly including surface finishing, paint and marking
  • Modification of commercial components
  • Engineering support for reduction of machining times and costs

At Hess Aerospace and Defense, our skilled and experienced staff is dedicated to helping you turn your project goals into a tangible reality.


Our technical support program is focused around helping clients develop their ideas into reality, working one on one with engineering and purchasing departments to help develop prototypes for both turnkey and custom fit requirements.


At Hess A & D, continuous improvement is a daily activity. We practice lean manufacturing and all of our processes are measured and tracked every second of the workday. Regular data analysis and production planning ensures that we have complete control of our processes, and that we can deliver to our clients the quality they require, on time, and at the best price.


Hess Aerospace and Defense is an ISO 9001:2015, CGP, and ITAR-certified company involved with Aero Montreal, CADSI, and observes Six Sigma & LEAN Manufacturing methodologies while workings to develop new forms of quality control to ensure that everything we manufacture adheres to our rigorous standards. All of our products are clearly and immediately traceable, quality assured, and deftly managed to ensure that each part lives up to our high standards.


Hess Aerospace and Defense values Customer Care above all else. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve. We’re always there to support them through the development of their requirements, assist them with design, produce quality products and deliver those products on time. We exceed expectations and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to achieve great results for our client base.
Our products are rigorously tested before ever leaving the production floor. We always ensure the confidentiality of our client’s projects is stringently observed by everyone at our company.

Do you have a project that needs development assistance? Are you looking for a manufacturer that can help you develop and deliver a high-quality product? If you do, you’re in the right place.

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