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Manufacturing for Military & Defence Industry


Hess Aerospace and Defense is a company recognized by the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries and has micro-machined electronics for military research for many years. We are currently working on getting our AS9100 certification in order to bring even more product and process improvement to our company and supply our customers with a greater sense of dependability than ever before.

Not all of our work is high-tech, however: in the past, we have manufactured a variety of fabric-based items for use in the military. These include straps, structures, tarps, retractable awnings, tents, and protective covers.

In addition, we offer a range of aluminum products intended for military use, such as retractable awnings for service trucks. All of our high-quality products are machined and inspected by our quality specialists for flaws and defects to ensure ALL of our products reach the highest standards before being shipped to our customers.


Hess Aerospace and Defense works with a wide variety of companies, not just in the military. As with many military contractors, the developments and breakthroughs pioneered by military scientists inevitably find their way back into the civilian market – devices such as radar, plastics, and microelectronics were all first pioneered in times of war but slowly found themselves on the retail market.


Hess Aerospace and Defense manufactures a range of products. From housings for avionics, radios, and radar systems, we can supply all of your mechanical requirements, including harnesses, and transport bags. We pride ourselves in putting all of our efforts into producing quality. We take the necessary steps and allow our internal experts to guide our production so that we always put quality first.


Hess A & D prides itself on its complete assembly service. From riveting, coil thread, and all types of hardware, we can deliver your parts assembled and in the packaging of your choice.


We pride ourselves on fast, prompt shipping times. Thanks to the good relationship between our suppliers and distributors, our finished products are promptly shipped across the world, on time, every time.

Are you looking for a manufacturer that you can depend on when it comes to “On-Time” delivery and who can also deliver on product quality and customer service care? Are you looking for reliable and traceable products? If you do, you’re in the right place.

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