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Manufacturing for Aerospace Industry

100% Traceability

The world of the aerospace industry is constantly evolving. From Sopwith Camel biplanes, to Mosquito fighter-bombers, all the way up to F-15 jet fighters, aerospace defense forms a major component of modern militaries, and so all manufacturing techniques must be reliable, efficient, and safe.

Hess Aerospace and Defense specialize in manufacturing small and medium-sized complex components for aerospace and defense industries.

The rigorously exacting standards for manufacturing in the aerospace industry mean that the aerospace manufacturing industry is one of the most esteemed engineering institutions in the world. In the past, aerospace defense industries brought forth radical inventions like radar and jet engines; today, these developments include breakthroughs in micromachining and composite materials.

At Hess Aerospace and Defense, our manufacturing systems allow us to quickly and efficiently create high-quality machined components; with 55 years in business, we have established a wide and dedicated chain of suppliers as we take our clients through from prototype to final production run. Our experienced team offers a variety of services designed to optimize our clients’ vision, all at a fair and competitive cost.


Hess Aerospace and Defense has been in this vertical for over 55 years and relies on its strong supplier relationships to deliver the quality this industry has come to expect from their manufacturers. They have long-standing relationships in both aerospace and defense market segments and manufacture a variety of distinct parts with very specific requirements for some of these industries’ most successful companies.

100% traceability

In the aerospace industry, ensuring that all parts are traceable is a requirement that every manufacturer must comply with. Hess Aerospace and Defense fully understands this requirement and offers a guarantee that each part will undergo stringent quality control and be marked as “necessary” for complete traceability. This is a standard you can count on. Hess Aerospace and Defense is currently working towards the obtention of their AS9100 certification by the end of 2018.

On Time Delivery

The aerospace industry is one of rapid and continuous innovations, which can sometimes lead to problems as manufacturers attempt to rush products to market. It is common place to receive faulty products that are often not “as per requirements” in order to keep a delivery date. At Hess Aerospace and Defense, we pledge to keep our promise to our customers that their products will be meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality but also be delivered on time, every time.

Customer Care

Hess Aerospace and Defense values Customer Care above all else. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve. We’re always there to support them through the development of their requirements, assist them with design, produce quality products and deliver those products on time. We exceed expectations and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to achieve great results for our client base.
Our products are rigorously tested before ever leaving the production floor. We always ensure the confidentiality of our client’s projects is stringently observed by everyone at our company.

Do you have a project that needs special design, production and support? Are you looking for a manufacturer that you can depend on when it comes to “On-Time” delivery and who can also deliver on product quality and customer service care? If you do, you’re in the right place.

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